Technical Specs


Model BrightCast Variable 15-345
LED High CRI (RA) >96, Dimmable
Power BPU / V mount Battery or AC Powered (Optional)
Durability Water Resistant, Dust-Proof


Control the light in almost any direction imaginable. The ultra thin LED Panel can bend to increase the light spread for maximum area coverage. Curve the corners of your panel or create a cylindrical wrap to create the perfect light shape for your shoot.


Daylight Value

Tungsten Value

CCT 0.0003 -0.0014
CRI (RA) 97 98
Re (R1~R15) 95 97
CQS 93 96
TLCI (QA) 98.1 97.6
GAI 95.7 59.8
Illuminance @1m 1210 lux 1574 lux
Foot Candle 112.5 fc 146.3 fc
PPFD (400-700nm) 19.80 μmole/m2s 26.93 μmole/m2s
Peak Light Wavelength λp 450nm 636nm
Dominant Light Wavelength λD 505nm 583nm
Excitation Purity 1% 52%
SP Ratio 2.2 1.4

The Variable15-345 offers the ultimate convenience to achieve precise light with the fully dimmable control. The LED panel features bi-color LED chips that can be dimmed to your lighting needs.

With CRI 96 LEDs, render colors naturally and faithfully. Make your reds, greens and blues look just the way the should with outstanding light quality.



The Variable 15-345 is designed to withstand the most demanding shoots. With an IP67 rating, the LED Panel is water resistant and dust-proof (the IP67 rating is for the LED panel only). The LED panel is protected against rain, splashing and accidental submersion in up to 1m of water. The reinforced frame gives the LED panel increased durability, improving the lifetime durability of the LED panel.



Bend your LED Panel to shape it to your lighting needs with the BrightCast Variable15-345. This thin and lightweight light is flexible enough to be squeezed into tight areas unlike traditional light panels. The flexible shape provides maximum portability with its ability to tightly fold into its small sling carrying case.